Avent Bottle Warmer

One of the many items on our baby registry was a bottle warmer. I can’t say I did much research on bottle warmers before hand, mainly because I didn’t think we’d need one and only added it to the registry because my mom insisted we’d need one. SO when it came to choosing one, we went with the brand we knew the most – Phillips Avent. At first, we didn’t really use it but figured we’d end up using it when we started feeding her solids and warming her purees.

Then, one night, Allie woke up for one of her midnight feedings so I changed her, soothed her, and put her back in bed while I made her bottle. But by the time I came back into the room, little Allie had fallen back asleep. So I put the bottle in the fridge to save it for when she woke up again, which would probably be in the next hour or so.

When she did, I unpacked our Avent Bottle Warmer and plugged it in. It was super easy to use, and no real setup was required. Plus it fits more than just Avent bottles, I use Dr. Browns glass bottles and they fit perfectly. It warmed her bottle in about 3-4 minutes, I tested it on my skin, and we were good to go. After that, we use it every day for her morning and bedtime bottles. The only reason I don’t use it all the time is that I don’t want her to get used to always have her bottle warm since it’s not warmed while we’re out and about.


While it already warms pretty quick, I do find that it warms up faster when I leave the bottle uncovered. Now that we’ve started her on solids, I also use it to warm her purees as needed. Although for those I haven’t mastered it quite yet and I usually warm it too much and have to wait for it to cool. But hey, I don’t think the fact that it warms up too fast is a negative.


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