Swaddle Me Original

We received a set of Swaddle Me Original swaddles when Allie was just over a month old. By then she has already started fighting the swaddle at night and often unraveling the blanket, which made me nervous since she was still so tiny. The thought of her in bed with a loose blanket in the middle of the night had me constantly checking on her and swaddling her as snug as I could.

I had almost given up on swaddling her at all until we got these. At first, I was a little hesitant because of the velcro closures, but there’s enough fabric around each one that no matter how much she moves, she won’t get scratched by the velcro or even come into contact with it. The material is super soft, breathable and oh so stretchy. Allie could feel snug without feeling trapped and sleep better without her little limbs moving around disrupting her sleep.


I found these to be so perfectly made, easy to use, and I love that there are so many design options to choose from too! I also really liked that there is so much room for her legs and feet to move freely, unlike with a swaddle blanket where the legs and feet are more restricted. My little one slowly transitioned out of these, first being swaddled with her hands at the top and then eventually not at all.


I would definitely recommend these to new moms, whether your little one loves to sleep snuggled up or with a little more freedom. These are just perfect.


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