DockATot Deluxe (Discount Code)

There’s a lot of controversy around the topic of co-sleeping, with the main focus being on the risks involved with the practice. To be honest, even after receiving a DockATot co-sleeper, the idea of sleeping with our little one wasn’t part of the plan. But after hearing so many great things about the Dock we decided to keep it because, in addition to being a labeled a safe place for baby to sleep, it is also multifunctional in the sense that it can be used as a safe and comfy place for baby lounge, cuddle, practice tummy time and even get diaper changes.

Plans change and after an unplanned C-section, having the baby anywhere that was out of arms reach was just too hard. I tried to stick to our initial plan and placed her to sleep in the bassinet by our bed, but every time she jerked and sighed or slept too quietly I found myself painfully sitting up to check on her. The healing process was also turning late night feedings into a complete nightmare. It seemed the more I moved the pain it hurt, so the more it hurt, the more pain medicine I was forced to take, and in the end all my movement was prolonging the healing process even more.


Still, with all the things you read and all the warnings against co-sleeping, I hesitated to use the DockATot for its true purpose, to help both mommy and baby sleep. A few painfully teary nights later, I decided to give it a try. We adjusted our pillows and made room for the deluxe in the middle of our bed. I think my boyfriend spent the first few nights just watching our little one, and me, to make sure we were sleeping safely. Me on the other, I had not slept so peacefully since she had been born.

Having her so close meant that I didn’t have to panic and sit up to look at her when she slept too quietly or worry that I wouldn’t hear her if she cried or sighed or just coughed. Middle of the night feedings became a breeze with her so close, especially since I started sleeping facing her DockATot. Moving around in bed was super painful after the C-section anyways, so positioning a pillow behind my back and sleeping on my side to face the baby was perfect for the rough nights.

After a while, the fear just faded away and having her sleep in our bed felt like the most natural thing in the world. We still get a lot of questions or concerns, even from our pediatrician, but I just explain that given the product we use to keep her safe, we’re not worried. The DockATot is designed in Sweden and made in Europe. All the materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic, which offers great air-permeability – meaning she’s not going to push her nose against it and suffocate. To be extra safe though, we did start using separate blankets. Just so we’re never at risk of having the blanket come up over her space.


Plus the deluxe version is ideal for babies from birth to 8 months and supports babies weighing anywhere 5-22 pounds, which means she has room to move around a bit and grow.

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