Binxy Baby Hammock (Discount Code)

When I first heard about the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock, I was a little skeptical. The thought of my sweet little babe hanging in mid-air above our groceries was a little unnerving, but after several challenging trips to the grocery store (and by grocery store I mean Target), I decided to try it.

First off to say, that the fabric is so much thicker than I expected it to be. It feels sturdy but still soft enough for baby’s skin. Okay, so it attaches to the cart on each end with a plastic bar that snaps over the side of the cart. Then it’s locked into place with a secure piece of Velcro that goes around the side of the cart and attaches to the Binxy Baby.


Once you’ve got the hammock attached to the cart it’s time to place your little one inside. I tend to slowly place her inside the hammock, mainly because I worry that she’ll jerk her head back and hit the plastic bar or side of the cart. To keep baby extra safe, the hammock features a waist harness and an extra strap just for good measure. Even though once strapped to the cart it’s pretty deep, and it holds up to 50 pounds, these are only made to be used with babies until they can sit-up on their own. Once your little one is sitting, they should not be placed in the Binxy Baby.


I think was surprised me the most about this product is just how happy my little one was in it and how calm she remained throughout the WHOLE shopping trip – which you know was a bit long because, well, it’s Target. Besides the fact that the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock creates a super comfy spot for baby to just hang out while you shop, it also supports car seats, fits most grocery carts, and has been safety tested and approved.

I love this product and all the gorgeous print options, and I’m sure you will too! To get your own Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock (and save 10%) click here.