The Last Days of Summer

A few months back, I read a post on social media that said something like “You only get 18 sweet summers with your children, this is one of those 18. Remember that.”

I thought about that for a minute, and thought back wondering if my summers had changed after high school…I guess they had, though not in a drastic kind of way, but in the sense that I planned more things on my own and with friends and less around my family’s plans.

Last summer, my little one was just a few months old and while we did spend a few days by the pool, we spent more time getting adjusted to our new life together and well, cuddling. This summer (which is not over yet, not until Sept. 22!), there are just so many fun things we could do together, things she getting just old enough to enjoy.

And so the “Summer Bucket List” was born, and after some inspiration from a few other mom-bloggers and this beautiful template from Little House on the Circle, I sat down, wrote a few things down and stuck it on the fridge.


Our list has a few checks, a few edits, and even a few doodles but that’s okay. It means we’re working on it.

Some of these are simple, at least in theory, or some small bits of my own childhood summers that I’d love Allie to have as well. These are more like running through the sprinklers, building forts or visiting the zoo. Others are local things that are going on that I’d like for her to experience, like visiting Dino World or going to the Waterworks Park. And some, well, some are super hopeful like having a family photo shoot outside – one where we can actually get some decent shots while keeping the tantrums to a minimum. Ah, a girl can dream right?

Granted, 20 things for our bucket list was probably a bit much given the fact that, well, she’s barely 18 months but still. We’ve done a few and still have some time left before summer is officially over, so here’s hoping!

You can start your own bucket list for summer, or what’s left of it, or even one for fall. I’m already thing about what to put in ours for fall. For a planner like me, bucket lists for the seasons are like a dream come true…even if we don’t check off every activity.

I’d love to hear what you guys have had going on this summer, have you done these lists?Drop a comment below.


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