Building a library, one book at a time

I’ve always had a love of reading, ever since I was a little girl, so it’s not surprising that I’d want my own little one to love books too. For that reason, and also because I think you’re never too young to get lost in a good book, I’m constantly growing her own little library.

But sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t have as much time to research the best age appropriate books for her, and trips to the library or book store usually involve a lot more chasing through the aisles than browsing for us. That’s why I was so excited to try out bookroo’s monthly subscription service.

The curated book subscription service caters to littles ages 0-10 offering board, picture and chapter books, but really it’s more than just getting books in the mail each month. It’s a way to introduce a love of reading, of adventure, of sharing in their imaginations, plus what kiddo do you know that wouldn’t be excited to open a gift (mailed to them) every month?

I really love that it’s a family-run operation, started and operated by three sisters-in-law actually, and that their books are selected and reviewed by a panel of families attending Stanford University.

So jumping right in, I opted for the board books box since my little one is almost 18 months and is still in the “let’s eat our books” stage. Our box included three books, all different in themes and styles.

bookroo box

The first book included is a super fun dino-themed book that features pull-apart chomping! No, No, Dinos!, illustrated by Kate Stone tells the story of five hungry dinosaurs that sink their chompers into oh so messy sweets.


This was my kiddos favorite book in the box, for one because of the pull-apart action and two because she loves making monster (and dinosaur) noises. As a mama, I like that the book has an underlying message about sweets and taking care of your teeth.

The second book we unwrapped, (because in addition to the box coming addressed to the kiddos each book is neatly wrapped in fun wrapping paper!), was This is the Firefighter, by Laura Godwin with pictures by Julian Hector. This one goes through the role of a firefighter and all the tools he uses as he saves the day. While it wasn’t one of our favorites, it is a beautifully illustrated story full of scary and brave moments.


The last book, and my personal favorite from the box, was Mrs. Peanuckle’s Fruit Alphabet with art by Jessie Ford. This has to be the absolute cutest alphabet book I have ever seen! I loved that it’s packed full of information about fruits and cute little anecdotes, and my little one loved the bright colors and smiley faces (on the fruit).

Plus, there were a few facts in there that I wasn’t even aware of…like did you know that a watermelon is BOTH a fruit and a vegetable? I didn’t know that, but I do now!

The perk that your kiddo will have new gifts to open each month is something you can handle in a few ways. You could give them all three books at once, or divide them if you have more than one kiddo, or you could use the gift-wrapped books as incentives/rewards for good behavior. My little one is still a ways from understanding incentives, but with her I didn’t open all three at once. We did one book the day the box arrived, and then incorporated the other two books into our reading routine on separate days.

Overall, I have to say I was surprised with the quality of the books that were inside our box. The stories and the gorgeous illustrations inside each of them were just what I was looking for. It’s definitely worth subscribing if you’re trying to build up your little ones library and want to make sure the books are age appropriate and educational, but still fun and colorful.

Try it for yourself and see how much you love it! Use code JENN345 to get 50% off your first board book or picture book box, or 40% off your first chapter book box.

Visit bookroo at @bookroo_love or to sign up.


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