5 ways baby wearing makes life easier

When it comes to baby wearing there are plenty of options, in both structure and style. You can wear your babes with a sling that uses a built in ring, a wrap that you tie, or your classic click and snap carrier. I’ve tried them all, and at first often switched between our Cuddle Bug wrap and our Happy Baby carrier, but now with a fast growing baby, the security a (and comfort) that comes with the MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D click and snap carrier is usually my go-to. While I do still like the closeness of the Happy Baby Carrier, I love the option to have baby face out in our MiaMily – plus the built-in seat adds a little extra support.

Really, my favorite features of the Hipster Plus 3D are the built-in seat for babies that promotes a more natural sitting position and the fact that the carrier has so many storage compartments that are so discreetly built-in allowing me to ditch the big diaper bag, or at least leave it in the car, and know that I still have baby’s essentials right at my fingertips. Another bonus is that now she’s older, no longer the 5 month old pictured below, she LOVES facing the world as we walk.


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Baby carrying does more than just keep baby close and cozy, it simplifies day-to-day tasks and outings making running errands with my little one so much easier. Here are just a few ways that baby wearing can make your life easier too.

  1. Makes breastfeeding on the go fast and easy. Baby feels safe and comfortable while having the ability to nurse anywhere and even sleep. I would recommend using the head cover for your sleeping babe.
  2. Keeps baby close and easy to attend to at all times, while still allowing you to move around, run errands, or even just clean the house. Plus wearing baby keeps her calm and often entertained as she gets a “mommy’s eye” view of the action.
  3. Aids in baby’s physical and emotional development. By wearing baby while you’re out and about you expose her to more colors, nature, and movement thus stimulating her cognitive development while making sure she feels safe.
  4. Stores all of your baby essentials right in the carrier and still leaves room for your cellphone and keys (sometimes more) while you remain hands-free to cuddle your babe.
  5. Socializes baby and promotes exploration from a safe and secure position. Introducing babies to new people and new environments can be overwhelming for them, but by wearing them in these situations you ensure that they still feel secure as they experience and see more of the world around them.

Babies that are worn by their parents or caregivers are often calmer and cry less than babies who are not worn. I know my little one likes to be the center of my attention at all times, and with the right carrier she always feels like my focus is on her. While my babe isn’t exactly the tiny bundle she was when we first started using baby carriers, with the right kind of carrier, I can still wear her when we’re on the go – all 20 pounds of her! Plus, keeping her, and your little one, close creates more than just a sense of comfort for them, it allows you to meet their needs in a flash while still tackling that endless to-do list.


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