Stroller Love: Evenflo Pivot Stroller

I have always had a love for the classic carriage style stroller, but when it came time to pick out our own baby stroller the classic carriage just wasn’t a realistic option. I mean, baby’s things were already taking over our little apartment and buying a carriage stroller meant that we’d have to have more than one stroller. One to fit the newborn car seat and, maybe not right away, but we’d also need one she could sit it’s like a big girl once she outgrew the car seat. So we’d settled on a much more practical Graco stroller system, until we found the Evenflo Pivot stroller system.

While the The Evenflo Pivot Travel System includes a SafeMax Infant Car Seat that features an anti-rebound bar which limits the amount of rebound movement experienced in a frontal impact, we’ve used it without the car seat attached. In terms of construction and safety, the stroller has been designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately twice the federal crash test standard and tested to simulate a side impact event and rollover event. In terms of usability, it comes fully equipped to be used in three different modes including, my favorite, the carriage setting, as well as an upright sitting position and a slightly slanted sitting position (our go-to nap time option).


Plus, there’s the super spacious under-carriage that carries just about anything and the over-sized canopy that provides full coverage from both the sun or a crowded shopping mall. It’s also an easy fold and store stroller with a one click opening as well, this definitely makes it easier to get ready and go. The stroller’s cruiser tires and ergonomic handle also offer a smooth ride and effortless handling, for the most part. I have though had a few moments where the front wheels locked up on me, but those are far and in between so I can’t say that it’s swayed my love for this stroller at all.

Honestly, I have to say, we’ve been using the stroller for a few months now and are seriously in love with it. In addition to the various positions, you also have the option to have baby face you or face out which is pretty awesome feature to have in any stroller. For me, I love that it’s a large enough stroller that Allie can grow into it without outgrowing it so quickly, and that even though we started using it when she was about six or so months old, she’s always been comfortable in it – enough that she naps in it almost every time we’re out for a walk as you see below.


Often times I’ll load up the under carriage with some laundry, detergent, baby wipes and water and take a stroll to the laundry room in our community. Nine out ten times, she knocked out before we’re back home and the beauty of this stroller is that I don’t have to take her out of it for her to have a comfortable nap. I simply lay her back to the slated potision, although you could lay it down all the way, and pull up the canopy and it’s like her own little nap space.

The only I do wish is that I’d had this travel system when she was first born, taking a newborn around would have been so much easier…that and I love the stylish look of it too!

This stroller was received in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own. For more information, please visit the disclosure page.


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